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1994 Section I: Structure and Vocabulary Part A Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked [A], B), [C] and [D]. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets. (5 points) 1. By the time you arrive in London, we ________ in Europe for two weeks. [A] shall stay [B] have stayed [C] will have stayed [D] have been staying 2. I appreciated ________ the opportunity to study abroad two years ago. [A] having been given [B] having given [C] to have been given [D] to have given 3. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems, ________ obtaining water is not the least. [A] of which [B] for what [C] as [D] whose 4. The heart is ________ intelligent than the stomach, for they are both controlled by the brain. [A] not so [B] not much [C] much more [D] no more 5. ________ the fact that his initial experiments had failed, Prof. White persisted in his research. [A] Because of [B] As to [C] In spite of [D] In view of 6. Jean Wagner??s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that it ________ in religious, as well as worldly, frame of reference. [A] is to be analyzed [B] has been analyzed [C] be analyzed [D] should have been analyzed 7. The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, ________ all practical value by the time they finished. [A] could lose [B] would have lost [C] might lose [D] ought to have lost 8. No bread eaten by man is so sweet as ________ earned by his own labour. [A] one [B] that [C] such [D] what 9. It isn??t cold enough for there ________ a frost tonight, so I can leave Jim??s car out quite safely. [A] would be [B] being [C] was [D] to be 10. Scientists generally agree that the Earth??s climate will warm up over the next 50 to 100 years ________ it has warmed in the 20,000 years since the Ice Age. [A] as long as [B] as much as [C] as soon as [D] as well as Part B Directions: Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Identify the part of the sentence that is incorrect and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets. (5 points) 11. Similar elements in the prehistoric remains [A] from both areas suggest [B] that Indians and their neighbours had maintained [C] distant but real connections ever [D] before 1500 B. C. 12. It soon became obviously [A] that instead of being trained [B] to sing she would [C] be trained as [D] the astronomer??s assistant. 13. He also conceived [A] that the solar system and the universe would come [B] into existence by [C] a natural process and would disappear [D] one day. 14. The moon has a mass that is nearly one hundred times less [A] than the earth [B]; in consequence [C],the force of [D] gravity at the moon??s surface is only one-sixth of that at the earth??s surface. 15. ??The Bunsen burner is so [A] named because it is thought [B] to be invented [C] by Robert Bunsen, who was German by [D] birth. 16. Much although [A] I have traveled, I have never seen anyone to equal [B] her in thoroughness, whatever [C] the job [D]. 17. The weeds [A] and tall grass in that yard makes [B] the house look [C] as if it had been vacant [D] for quite some time. 18. If only [A] the nature of the aging process is [B] better understood, the possibility of discovering [C] a medicine that can block the fundamental process of aging seems [D] very remote. 19. When I consider how talented he is [A] as a painter [B], I cannot help but believing [C] that the public [D] will appreciate his gift. 20. Allen has stated [A] that he has always had [B] a great interest [C] and admiration for [D] the work of the British economist Keynes. Part C Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (10 points) 21. Please do not be ________ by his bad manners since he is merely trying to attract attention. [A] disregarded [B] distorted [C] irritated [D] intervened 22. Craig assured his boss that he would ________ all his energies in doing this new job. [A] call forth [B] call at [C] call on [D] call off 23. Too much ________ to X-rays can cause skin burns, cancer or other damage to the body. [A] disclosure [B] exhibition [C] contact [D] exposure 24. When confronted with such questions, my mind goes ________, and I can hardly remember my own date of birth. [A] dim [B] blank [C] faint [D] vain 25. It is well known that knowledge is the ________ condition for expansion of mind. [A] incompatible [B] incredible [C] indefinite [D] indispensable 26. More than two hundred years ago the United States ________ from the British Empire and become an independent country. [A] got off [B] pulled down [C] broke away [D] attached to 27. Care should be taken to decrease the length of time that one is ________ loud continuous noise. [A] subjected to [B] filled with [C] associated with [D] dropped off 28. Some of the most important concepts in physics ________ their success to these mathematical systems. [A] oblige [B] owe [C] contribute [D] attribute 29. As your instructor advised, you ought to spend your time on something ________ researching into. [A] precious [B] worth [C] worthy [D] valuable 30. As a defense against air-pollution damage, many plants and animals ________ a substance to absorb harmful chemicals. [A] relieve [B] release [C] dismiss [D] discard 31. Without the friction between their feet and the ground, people would ________ be able to walk. [A] in no time [B] by all means [C] in no way [D] on any account 32. While typing, Helen has a habit of stopping ________ to give her long and flowing hair a smooth. [A] occasionally [B] simultaneously [C] eventually [D] promptly 33. One reason for the successes of Asian immigrants in the U.S. is that they have taken great ________ to educate their children. [A] efforts [B] pains [C] attempts [D] endeavours 34. If any man here does not agree with me, he should ________ his own plan for improving the living conditions of these people. [A] put on [B] put out [C] put in [D] put forward 35. I support your decision, but I should also make it clear that I am not going to be ________ to it. [A] connected [B] fastened [C] bound [D] stuck 36. The English language contains a(n) ________ of words which are comparative seldom used in ordinary conversation. [A] altitude [B] latitude [C] multitude [D] attitude 37. In my opinion, you can widen the ________ of these improvements through your active participation. [A] dimension [B] volume [C] magnitude [D] scope 38. Your improper words will give ________ to doubts concerning your true intentions. [A] rise [B] reason [C] suspicion [D] impulse 39. The news item about the fire is followed by a detailed report made ________. [A] on the spot [B] on the site [C] on the location [D] on the ground 40. The remarkable ________ of life on the Galopagos Islands inspired Charles Darwin to establish his theory of evolution. [A] classification [B] variety [C] density [D] diversion Section II: Cloze Test Directions: For each numbered blank in following passage, there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Choose the best one and mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (10 points) The first and smallest unit that can be discussed in relation to language is the word. In speaking, the choice of words is __41__ the utmost importance. Proper selection will eliminate one source of __42__ breakdown in the communication cycle. Too often, careless use of words __43__ a meeting of the minds of the speaker and listener. The words used by the speaker may __44__ unfavorable reactions in the listener __45__ interfere with his comprehension; hence, the transmission-reception system breaks down. __46__, inaccurate or indefinite words may make __47__ difficult for the listener to understand the __48__ which is being transmitted to him. The speaker who does not have specific words in his working vocabulary may be __49__ to explain or describe in a __50__ that can be understood by his listeners. 41. [A] of [B] at [C] for [D] on 42. [A] inaccessible [B] timely [C] likely [D] invalid 43. [A] encourages [B] prevents [C] destroys [D] offers 44. [A] pass out [B] take away [C] back up [D] stir up 45. [A] who [B] as [C] which [D] what 46. [A] Moreover [B] However [C] Preliminarily [D] Unexpectedly 47. [A] that [B] It [C] so [D] this 48. [A] speech [B] sense [C] message [D] meaning 49. [A] obscure [B] difficult [C] impossible [D] unable 50. [A] case [B] means [C] method [D] way Section III: Reading Comprehension Directions: Each of the passages below is followed by some questions. For each question there are four answers marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each of the questions. Then mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (40 points) Text 1 The American economic system is organized around a basically private-enterprise, market-oriented economy in which consumers largely determine what shall be produced by spending their money in the marketplace for those goods and services that they want most. Private businessmen, striving to make profits, produce these goods and services in competition with other businessmen; and the profit motive, operating under competitive pressures, largely determines how these goods and services are produced. Thus, in the American economic system it is the demand of individual consumers, coupled with the desire of businessmen to maximize profits and the desire of individuals to maximize their incomes, that together determine what shall be produced and how resources are used to produce it. An important factor in a market-oriented economy is the mechanism by which consumer demands can be expressed and responded to by producers. In the American economy, this mechanism is provided by a price system, a process in which prices rise and fall in response to relative demands of consumers and supplies offered by seller-producers. If the product is in short supply relative to the demand, the price will be bid up and some consumers will be eliminated from the market. If, on the other hand, producing more of a commodity results in reducing its cost, this will tend to increase the supply offered by seller-producers, which in turn will lower the price and permit more consumers to buy the product. Thus, price is the regulating mechanism in the American economic system. The important factor in a private-enterprise economy is that individuals are allowed to own productive resources (private property), and they are permitted to hire labor, gain control over natural resources, and produce goods and services for sale at a profit. In the American economy, the concept of private property embraces not only the ownership of productive resources but also certain rights, including the right to determine the price of a product or to make a free contract with another private individual. 51. In Line 11, Paragraph 1, ??the desire of individuals to maximize their incomes?? means ________. [A] Americans are never satisfied with their incomes [B] Americans tend to overstate their incomes [C] Americans want to have their incomes increased [D] Americans want to increase the purchasing power of their incomes 52. The first two sentences in the second paragraph tell us that ________. [A] producers can satisfy the consumers by mechanized production [B] consumers can express their demands through producers [C] producers decide the prices of products [D] supply and demand regulate prices 53. According to the passage, a private-enterprise economy is characterized by ________. [A] private property and rights concerned [B] manpower and natural resources control [C] ownership of productive resources [D] free contracts and prices 54. The passage is mainly about ________. [A] how American goods are produced [B] how American consumers buy their goods [C] how American economic system works [D] how American businessmen make their profits Text 2 One hundred and thirteen million Americans have at least one bank-issued credit card. They give their owners automatic credit in stores, restaurants, and hotels, at home, across the country, and even abroad, and they make many banking services available as well. More and more of these credit cards can be read automatically, making it possible to withdraw or deposit money in scattered locations, whether or not the local branch bank is open. For many of us the ??cashless society?? is not on the horizon -- it??s already here. While computers offer these conveniences to consumers, they have many advantages for sellers too. Electronic cash registers can do much more than simply ring up sales. They can keep a wide range of records, including who sold what, when, and to whom. This information allows businessmen to keep track of their list of goods by showing which items are being sold and how fast they are moving. Decisions to reorder or return goods to suppliers can then be made. At the same time these computers record which hours are busiest and which employees are the most efficient, allowing personnel and staffing assignments to be made accordingly. And they also identify preferred customers for promotional campaigns. Computers are relied on by manufacturers for similar reasons. Computer-analyzed marketing reports can help to decide which products to emphasize now, which to develop for the future, and which to drop. Computers keep track of goods in stock, of raw materials on hand, and even of the production process itself. Numerous other commercial enterprises, from theaters to magazine publishers, from gas and electric utilities to milk processors, bring better and more efficient services to consumers through the use of computers. 55. According to the passage, the credit card enables its owner to ________. [A] withdraw as much money from the bank as he wishes [B] obtain more convenient services than other people do [C] enjoy greater trust from the storekeeper [D] cash money wherever he wishes to 56. From the last sentence of the first paragraph we learn that ________. [A] in the future all the Americans will use credit cards [B] credit cards are mainly used in the United States today [C] nowadays many Americans do not pay in cash [D] it is now more convenient to use credit cards than before 57. The phrase ??ring up sales?? (Line 3, Para. 2) most probably means ??________??. [A] make an order of goods [B] record sales on a cash register [C] call the sales manager [D] keep track of the goods in stock 58. What is this passage mainly about? [A] Approaches to the commercial use of computers. [B] Conveniences brought about by computers in business. [C] Significance of automation in commercial enterprises. [D] Advantages of credit cards in business. Text 3 Exceptional children are different in some significant way from others of the same age. For these children to develop to their full adult potential, their education must be adapted to those differences. Although we focus on the needs of exceptional children, we find ourselves describing their environment as well. While the leading actor on the stage captures our attention, we are aware of the importance of the supporting players and the scenery of the play itself. Both the family and the society in which exceptional children live are often the key to their growth and development. And it is in the public schools that we find the full expression of society??s understanding -- the knowledge, hopes, and fears that are passed on to the next generation. Education in any society is a mirror of that society. In that mirror we can see the strengths, the weaknesses, the hopes, the prejudices, and the central values of the culture itself. The great interest in exceptional children shown in public education over the past three decades indicates the strong feeling in our society that all citizens, whatever their special conditions, deserve the opportunity to fully develop their capabilities. ??All men are created equal.?? We??ve heard it many times, but it still has important meaning for education in a democratic society. Although the phrase was used by this country??s founders to denote equality before the law, it has also been interpreted to mean equality of opportunity. That concept implies educational opportunity for all children -- the right of each child to receive help in learning to the limits of his or her capacity, whether that capacity be small or great. Recent court decisions have confirmed the right of all children -- disabled or not -- to an appropriate education, and have ordered that public schools take the necessary steps to provide that education. In response, schools are modifying their programs, adapting instruction to children who are exceptional, to those who cannot profit substantially from regular programs. 59. In Paragraph 2, the author cites the example of the leading actor on the stage to show that ________. [A] the growth of exceptional children has much to do with their family and the society [B] exceptional children are more influenced by their families than normal children are [C] exceptional children are the key interest of the family and society [D] the needs of the society weigh much heavier than the needs of the exceptional children 60. The reason that the exceptional children receive so much concern in education is that ________. [A] they are expected to be leaders of the society [B] they might become a burden of the society [C] they should fully develop their potentials [D] disabled children deserve special consideration 61. This passage mainly deals with ________. [A] the differences of children in their learning capabilities [B] the definition of exceptional children in modern society [C] the special educational programs for exceptional children [D] the necessity of adapting education to exceptional children 62. From this passage we learn that the educational concern for exceptional children ________. [A] is now enjoying legal support [B] disagrees with the tradition of the country [C] was clearly stated by the country??s founders [D] will exert great influence over court decisions Text 4 ??I have great confidence that by the end of the decade we??ll know in vast detail how cancer cells arise,?? says microbiologist Robert Weinberg, an expert on cancer. ??But,?? he cautions, ??some people have the idea that once one understands the causes, the cure will rapidly follow. Consider Pasteur, he discovered the causes of many kinds of infections, but it was fifty or sixty years before cures were available.?? This year, 50 percent of the 910,000 people who suffer from cancer will survive at least five years. In the year 2000, the National Cancer Institute estimates, that figure will be 75 percent. For some skin cancers, the five-year survival rate is as high as 90 percent. But other survival statistics are still discouraging -- 13 percent for lung cancer, and 2 percent for cancer of the pancreas. With as many as 120 varieties in existence, discovering how cancer works is not easy. The researchers made great progress in the early 1970s, when they discovered that oncogenes, which are cancer-causing genes, are inactive in normal cells. Anything from cosmic rays to radiation to diet may activate a dormant oncogene, but how remains unknown. If several oncogenes are driven into action, the cell, unable to turn them off, becomes cancerous. The exact mechanisms involved are still mysterious, but the likelihood that many cancers are initiated at the level of genes suggests that we will never prevent all cancers. ??Changes are a normal part of the evolutionary process,?? says oncologist William Hayward. Environmental factors can never be totally eliminated; as Hayward points out, ??We can??t prepare a medicine against cosmic rays.?? The prospects for cure, though still distant, are brighter. ??First, we need to understand how the normal cell controls itself. Second, we have to determine whether there are a limited number of genes in cells which are always responsible for at least part of the trouble. If we can understand how cancer works, we can counteract its action.?? 63. The example of Pasteur in the passage is used to ________. [A] predict that the secret of cancer will be disclosed in a decade [B] indicate that the prospects for curing cancer are bright [C] prove that cancer will be cured in fifty to sixty years [D] warn that there is still a long way to go before cancer can be conquered 64. The author implies that by the year 2000, ________. [A] there will be a drastic rise in the five-year survival rate of skin-cancer patients [B] 90 percent of the skin-cancer patients today will still be living [C] the survival statistics will be fairly even among patients with various cancers [D] there won?? t be a drastic increase of survival rate of all cancer patients 65. Oncogenes are cancer-causing genes ________. [A] that are always in operation in a healthy person [B] which remain unharmful so long as they are not activated [C] that can be driven out of normal cells [D] which normal cells can??t turn off 66. The word ??dormant?? in the third paragraph most probably means ________. [A] dead [B] ever-present [C] inactive [D] potential Text 5 Discoveries in science and technology are thought by ??untaught minds?? to come in blinding flashes or as the result of dramatic accidents. Sir Alexander Fleming did not, as legend would have it, look at the mold on a piece of cheese and get the idea for penicillin there and then. He experimented with antibacterial substances for nine years before he made his discovery. Inventions and innovations almost always come out of laborious trial and error. Innovation is like soccer; even the best players miss the goal and have their shots blocked much more frequently than they score. The point is that the players who score most are the ones who take most shots at the goal -- and so it goes with innovation in any field of activity. The prime difference between innovation and others is one of approach. Everybody gets ideas, but innovators work consciously on theirs, and they follow them through until they prove practicable or otherwise. What ordinary people see as fanciful abstractions, professional innovators see as solid possibilities. ??Creative thinking may mean simply the realization that there??s no particular virtue in doing things the way they have always been done,?? wrote Rudolph Flesch, a language authority. This accounts for our reaction to seemingly simple innovations like plastic garbage bags and suitcases on wheels that make life more convenient: ??How come nobody thought of that before??? The creative approach begins with the proposition that nothing is as it appears. Innovators will not accept that there is only one way to do anything. Faced with getting from A to B, the average person will automatically set out on the best-known and apparently simplest route. The innovator will search for alternate courses, which may prove easier in the long run and are bound to be more interesting and challenging even if they lead to dead ends. Highly creative individuals really do march to a different drummer. 67. What does the author probably mean by ??untaught mind?? in the first paragraph? [A] A person ignorant of the hard work involved in experimentation. [B] A citizen of a society that restricts personal creativity. [C] A person who has had no education. [D] An individual who often comes up with new ideas by accident. 68. According to the author, what distinguishes innovators from non-innovators? [A] The variety of ideas they have. [B] The intelligence they possess. [C] The way they deal with problems. [D] The way they present their findings. 69. The author quotes Rudolph Flesch in Paragraph 3 because ________. [A] Rudolph Flesch is the best-known expert in the study of human creativity [B] the quotation strengthens the assertion that creative individuals look for new ways of doing things [C] the reader is familiar with Rudolph Flesch??s point of view [D] the quotation adds a new idea to the information previously presented 70. The phrase ??march to a different drummer?? (the last line of the passage) suggests that highly creative individuals are ________. [A] diligent in pursuing their goals [B] reluctant to follow common ways of doing things [C] devoted to the progress of science [D] concerned about the advance of society Section IV: English-Chinese Translation Directions: Read the following passage carefully and then translate underlined sentences into Chinese. Your translation must be written neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (15 points) According to the new school of scientists, technology is an overlooked force in expanding the horizons of scientific knowledge. (71) Science moves forward, they say, not so much through the insights of great men of genius as because of more ordinary things like improved techniques and tools. (72) ??In short,?? a leader of the new school contends, ??the scientific revolution, as we call it, was largely the improvement and invention and use of a series of instruments that expanded the reach of science in innumerable directions.?? (73) Over the years, tools and technology themselves as a source of fundamental innovation have largely been ignored by historians and philosophers of science. The modern school that hails technology argues that such masters as Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, and inventors such as Edison attached great importance to, and derived great benefit from, craft information and technological devices of different kinds that were usable in scientific experiments. The centerpiece of the argument of a technology-yes, genius-no advocate was an analysis of Galileo??s role at the start of the scientific revolution. The wisdom of the day was derived from Ptolemy, an astronomer of the second century, whose elaborate system of the sky put Earth at the center of all heavenly motions. (74) Galileo??s greatest glory was that in 1609 he was the first person to turn the newly invented telescope on the heavens to prove that the planets revolve around the sun rather than around the Earth. But the real hero of the story, according to the new school of scientists, was the long evolution in the improvement of machinery for making eyeglasses. Federal policy is necessarily involved in the technology vs. genius dispute. (75) Whether the Government should increase the financing of pure science at the expense of technology or vice versa often depends on the issue of which is seen as the driving force. Section V: Writing DIRECTIONS: [A] Title: ON MAKING FRIENDS [B] TIME LIMIT: 40 minutes [C] Word limit: 120-150 words (not including the given opening sentence) [D] Your composition should be based on the OUTLINE below and should start with the given opening sentence: ??As a human being, one can hardly do without a friend.?? [E] Your composition must be written clearly on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points) OUTLINE: l. The need for friends 2. True friendship 3. My principle in making friends 1994Ī?ο??𰸍 Section I: Structure and Vocabulary (20 points) Part A (5 points) 1. [C] 2. [A] 3. [A] 4. [D] 5. [C] 6. [C] 7. [B] 8. [B] 9. [D] 10. [B] Part B (5 points) 11. [D] even 12. [A] obvious 13. [B] had come 14. [B] that of the earth 15. [C] to have been invented 16. [A] Much as ?򠍵ch though 17. [B] make 18. [A] Unless (=if... not) 19. [C] ɾȥ but ?򽫠believing ?Ď? believe 20. [C] a great interest in Part C (10 points) 21. [C] 22. [A] 23. [D] 24. [B] 25. [D] 26. [C] 27. [A] 28. [B] 29. [B] 30. [B] 31. [C] 32. [A] 33. [B] 34. [D] 35. [C] 36. [C] 37. [D] 38. [A] 39. [A] 40. [B] Section II: Cloze Test (10 points) 41. [A] 42. [C] 43. [B] 44. [D] 45. [C] 46. [A] 47. [B] 48. [C] 49. [D] 50. [D] Section III: Reading Comprehension (40 points) 51. [D] 52. [D] 53. [A] 54. [C] 55. [B] 56. [C] 57. [B] 58. [B] 59. [A] 60. [C] 61. [D] 62. [A] 63. [D] 64. [D] 65. [B] 66. [C] 67. [A] 68. [C] 69. [B] 70. [B] Section IV: English-Chinese Translation (15 points) 71. ˻Ç(Ђѧʼn?Ƒ??҃ǩ˵???Ƒ??ķ?չӫƤ˵ԴӚ̬?Ŏ?ȋ?ĕ斪׆ʶ????ȧ˵ԴӚ?Ľ???ʵ?͹??ߵȵȸ???Ķ?η?? 72. Ђѧʼn?Ē?λ?Фȋί?᳖˵?????򶸑Ԗ???ΒÇ˹?Ǝ??ĿƑ????ַҪʇָһϵ?Ʒ?ߵĸĽ?÷?͊?Ӄ??բЩ?Ľ?÷?͊?Ӄʹ?Ƒ???չ?ķ?ΧΞ˹???????? 73. ???ߺͼ?ʵ??ɭ׷Ϊ????Ђ?Ĕ?Ȫ???Ԛ?ܴ󳌶ȉϱ??Ƒ?ʷѧ?ҺͿƑ?˼ϫ?҃Ǻ?ˡ? 74. ٤?”?ė?ԵĒ???ԚӚ˻Ԛ1609Ī?ڒ???·?÷?č??ԗ?̬?գ?Ҕ֤ʵАЇʇΧȆ̫Ѵнת????ΧȆ?؇򡣍 75. վ??????ʇҔ??Լ?ʵ?ľ??э?ȫ?Զ?ӶԴ??›?Ƒ??ľ??э?ȫ????ʇϠ????բ͹͹ȡ??фĒ?????׷ʇǽ???ā???? Section V: Writing (15 points) 76. ?ο???΄??”??


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10月成都中心城区二手房价环比下跌6.8%,回到一年前行情 成都,二手房,房价,新房
大丰实业员工正在制作国庆盛典群众游行彩车。(俞永均黄宇盛摄)博洋服饰制作的群众游行礼服。 记者俞永均 从代表
珠海市2019年重点建设项目1-8月进展情况 珠海市,省重点,工业园
武汉10月二手房均价 16764 元/m² 武汉9月二手房均价 16792 元/m² 环比上月下跌 0.17% ↓ 同比去年同期下跌 2.34% ↓ 一直以
广州二手房让价幅度维持5% 六成楼盘二手成交均价同比下降 - 近期广州二手房市场仍存在业主让价的现象,但与前几
9月百城76个城市新房价格上涨 西安二手房均价为14886元/㎡,
实地探访北京二手房“ 金九”行情未现---北京地区二手房市场并未出现明显的“金九”行情,非学区、非核心区域的
东方网-上海频道-营改增二手房交易省钱 相当于营业税打了95折-二手房交易 营改增 交易环节 营业税 房地产交易中心